Could Wallpaper Be The Instant Pick Me Up You've Been Looking For?

Oh, the many woes of wanting to upgrade and the many uncertainties that go with it!

Have you ever taken a look around your living room, dining area, or bedroom, and desperately wished you could do something to spice it up or revamp the overall feel in a quick and effortless way? Do you ever consider trying something bold and dramatic but you’re afraid that you might not love it?  You may have even thought to yourself, it might look too outrageous and the other people that live in the house wouldn’t find it appealing.

Well, if any of those fears apply to you I have great news! Mitchell Black, a Chicago based company, specializes in high-end home decor, wall art, wallcoverings and home fragrances. They also have the perfect brave and bold solutions for your vision, there is something for everyone in their wallpaper choices.

 Mitchell Black opened its doors in 2012 revealing an American made lifestyle brand of modern art, inspired by fashion and vintage images. Mitchell Black has been known for its gallery of pop-art and modern framing, but has recently migrated into the realm of manufacturing residential and commercial wallcoverings. Removable wallcovering at that! Not to mention bold and vivid patterns that can revive any room.

Mitchell Black currently has 100 plus designer patterns in their company. The patterns include geometric and sleek variations of black and white textures combined with both neutral and valiant colors. Your options range from temporary, repositionable, peel and stick, luxuriously thick matte wallpaper, or a commercial grade vinyl with an iridescent shine in either a smooth or linen texture. One thing that is so valuable to the product is that they are wipe able!

So, if you're ready for the upgrade and a change of atmosphere, without the fear - go removable. If you're ready for a new bold vibe, style and life you should definitely go Mitchell Black! 

Photos: @mitchell_black

Written By: Simone A. Roberts