Editors' Picks: Brilliant Home Decor from Atlanta Market.

I love starting my year going to furniture markets.  It’s like the holidays after the holidays for me. I love looking for new trends and finding unique furniture options for my design clients.  One of my favorite markets is the Atlanta Market at America’s Mart. It’s easy to navigate and chopped full of interior design goodness.  I had the opportunity to shop the winter market as both an Interior Designer and as an editor here at Iconic Home.  

It was fun balancing the practical with the magical. In my business, I am always challenging myself to think bigger and to do more to customize my design projects.  As a nation, we've had several years of playing it safe and following trends. Now we are all ready to push the boundaries and bring in more items that are unique and offer a fresh perspective on design. 

Today I'm sharing the things that got my attention at the winter design market at AmericasMart and why I think you should incorporate as many of them into your home as possible.  

Fur chair.jpg

1.Mongolian Wool Chair. We usually see Mongolian wool used for pillows or draped over the back of a chair to add texture, but never as the star of the show like the desk chair application below.  Aren't you just obsessed with the outcome? Couldn't you see one of our new age Boss Babes sitting in this chair with her Jimmy Choos on, legs crossed at the ankle, handling business? Me too!

2. Wall sculptures These wall sculptures from the Phillips Collection are perfect for the areas of your home where you want to take your guests on 3-D, visually impactful journal of style.  I love the flexibility of the pieces and how they can be hung to suit your personal. They are Ideal for larger homes with plenty of wall space, but just as impactful in small installations in condos or apartments.  If you are working on a design project, the complete collection is worth check out.  

3. Black and White in a living space is everything! In fact, I've never seen a black and white room that I haven't loved. I was drawn to these black and white leather chairs from the Kelly Hoppen collection from the hall way.  They are slick and sophisticated and everything you need to start your very own black and white infused space. Available at Veronica Flam Atlanta, they are a perfect illustration of good design that will stand the test of time.  Combined the two to create this fabulous dining chair is brilliant. Paired with a shiny bronze dining table, they are super stylish.

4. Oversized Art. When looking for art two things are important relating to your space, size and style. It's important to not just pick art because the color matches the room you are using it in. Make sure you consider the style of the painting, things like whether the piece is abstract or literal are important. Some spaces require a realistic piece while others need the abstract piece to pull the room together. Art should fit on your wall but not be so small that it still in reality doesn't "fit" on the wall. Much like clothes art can be both too small and too big depending on what wall is wearing it. 

5. Custom Upholstery. Let's face it; customization is the name of the game.  Our clients often come to use in design overload. They are exposed to furniture options at a level never before seen.  A trend that use to take years to get to the point of oversaturation will now find their expiration date comes a lot sooner.  And if you think you are having a hard time keeping up, your poor design professional is frantic to find unique that will impress you. So, what to do? I say, customize. The only way to keep from getting paralyzed by all the options and changing information is to fall in love with a piece and then tailor it to fit your project.  We saw a lot of this at market where traditional club chairs or sofas were turned on their head and presented in very unusual ways.