Hinkley Is Lighting Up Faces, Starting with Every Room in Your House

First, God said, "Let there be light!" and then the brilliant minds at Hinkley Lighting thought it would be even better to strive every day to live "life aglow" by offering a wide range of lighting fixtures for inside and outside the home.

I think lighting is where 90% of home owners get it wrong. Lighting placement is extremely important! That's why I can appreciate Hinkley; Not only do they offer gorgeous fixtures but they consider the funtioanlity of their products. When I think of the process of designing a home I always think adding an extra layer of lighting in the design plans is a must! Let's face it, every light is not going to be a chandelier. 

From outdoor lanterns to elegant indoor sconces, Hinkley has thought of every way possible to lighten up your day. With a "Lighting 101" informational, Hinkley offers a complete guide to planning and placing the perfect lighting fixtures to accent your home from top to bottom. We love that they provide such detailed insight on how to determine which lighting works best above your vanity mirror and practical design tips on ways to use installations leading up a stairway to add layers.

Did we menition Hinkley offers Eco-friendly options as well? See the full catalog, here.