Dress to Slay! The Statement Pieces You'll Need in 2017

Happy New Year, one thing I plan to do in the New Year for me is to switch up my fashion. I'm so ready to take on the streets of Houston while making fearless fashion statements. This year will be about success and prosperity in everything we do! There is simply no other way to approach this year other than in unattested style.

I decided to look to celebrity stylist Kris Cole's Instagram feed for some inspiration before I go out and do some retail therapy this week. I have set my eye on five pieces I think will make my closet complete. It's important to have items in your closet that can create multiple looks, so check out the items I think will make my year memorable!


     1.  Fur! If anything never goes out of style it has to be fur. Year after year style icons have rocked fur in every shape and form.

      2. Thigh high boots. Leather and thigh high boots are practically sisters, it’s rare you see either of them without the other. Even when you do they’re always super stylish. 

    3. Capes. Though chic capes have been a fashion statement forever I think we all have to agree Olivia Pope brought new meaning to “Heroes wear capes”. Paired with this gorgeous custom crown, I mean who doesn't  want a crown?

4.  Black leather jeans. Everyone needs black jeans! I repeat everyone needs black jeans, black leather jeans however will make a bolder fashion statement. 

 5.Jumpsuits. I’ve always loved jumpsuits, it’s the one thing I actually already have a closet full of. Jumpsuits are one of those things the small change of a shoe or jacket can transform. You can wear it to work and happy hour or out for a night in the city. 

Be sure to check out @kriscolestyle on Instagram to stay up to date on all of the hottest fashion trends! Let us know which looks will inspire your style in the New Year.