Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We’re all here for the West African model, Deddeh Howard who snatched our hearts sprinkling Black Girl Magic on her recreation of famous photo shoots. She recreated photos of models like Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss & Kendal Jenner from major brands. The “Black Mirror Project” is a huge move  towards creating more roles for African Americans in mainstream modeling and the fashion industry. In 2017 there is still a severe lack of African American models who are chosen for work that will be widespread.

Deddeh recounts walking into various agencies and being told there were already enough models similar to her. Howard says “It seemed as if one or two black models were enough to represent us all. When you are told that, trust me, it feels bizarre.”

While Naomi Campbell, Jasmine Tooks, and Tyra Banks are all well known for being some of the hottest black models in the industry, they are still a small portion. Deddeh teamed up with photographer Raffael Dickreuter to launch the ‘Black Mirror Project’. The goal of the project was to highlight the lack of diversity in the modeling world, while proving that black models could create the exact look.

Recently the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York announced its hosting of an exhibit called ‘Black Fashion Designers’. Hopefully this will create more room for conversation on the issue.

Nafisa Kaptownwala founded Lorde Inc. in 2014.Nafisa Kaptownwala was done watching many of her friends struggle to find work. Her modelling agency represents people with diverse ethnicities. Lorde Inc. now has offices in both New York and Toronto.

“The next generation can only get inspired and reach for the stars themselves if they believe they can do it too.” - Deddeh



Photos @secretofdd

Written By: Keia McSwain 

Dress to Slay! The Statement Pieces You'll Need in 2017

Happy New Year, one thing I plan to do in the New Year for me is to switch up my fashion. I'm so ready to take on the streets of Houston while making fearless fashion statements. This year will be about success and prosperity in everything we do! There is simply no other way to approach this year other than in unattested style.

I decided to look to celebrity stylist Kris Cole's Instagram feed for some inspiration before I go out and do some retail therapy this week. I have set my eye on five pieces I think will make my closet complete. It's important to have items in your closet that can create multiple looks, so check out the items I think will make my year memorable!


     1.  Fur! If anything never goes out of style it has to be fur. Year after year style icons have rocked fur in every shape and form.

      2. Thigh high boots. Leather and thigh high boots are practically sisters, it’s rare you see either of them without the other. Even when you do they’re always super stylish. 

    3. Capes. Though chic capes have been a fashion statement forever I think we all have to agree Olivia Pope brought new meaning to “Heroes wear capes”. Paired with this gorgeous custom crown, I mean who doesn't  want a crown?

4.  Black leather jeans. Everyone needs black jeans! I repeat everyone needs black jeans, black leather jeans however will make a bolder fashion statement. 

 5.Jumpsuits. I’ve always loved jumpsuits, it’s the one thing I actually already have a closet full of. Jumpsuits are one of those things the small change of a shoe or jacket can transform. You can wear it to work and happy hour or out for a night in the city. 

Be sure to check out @kriscolestyle on Instagram to stay up to date on all of the hottest fashion trends! Let us know which looks will inspire your style in the New Year. 

All I Want For Christmas

We've been extremely busy here at Iconic Home closing out the year and getting ready for the holiday season.  Ashley, our content manager, was putting the finishing touches on our gift guide when I asked her to scrap the whole idea and get personal about what she'd like to receive this holiday season.

After a few awkward moments of silence, she looked up and said, "I haven't' really thought about it." Her statement sounds about right. Most of the women I know are so busy spreading holiday cheer to others they forget to save a  little Christmas magic for themselves.   

To switch things up a little, I asked the team to submit their Christmas wish list for a series of holiday posts we're calling "All I Want for Christmas."  Hope you enjoy them.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

Kimberly's List.jpg

1. Market Shoes
I spend a good amount of time each year at furniture markets.  I am not one of the smart people who plan for markets in advance, however. I fail to pack properly for all the walking and having a costume change for the evening events is a no go.  I plan to do better in 2017, and I'd love to start by incorporating stylish and versatile shoes like these ankle boots.

2. A Classic Black Pump
Speaking of shoes, I desperately need to add classic black pumps to my wardrobe.  You'd think something that simple would be easy to find, but it hasn't been. YSL has one that I like, and I've been really good, so maybe. 

3. Burberry Lipstick
I went into mourning last year when Burberry discontinued my favorite lipstick formula.  I tried for months to find a suitable substitute to no avail.  I'm addicted to the silky smooth texture.  Love it.

4. Statement Earrings
Nothing says holiday season like sparkly jewelry. During this time of all the glitter, you can stand, I want these earrings for their ability to dress up the most basic outfit.

5. Inkwell Press Planner
For years, I've used the same basic black agenda from the office depot.  My planner snob of a sister felt this was insane; so she introduced me to inkwell press and the whole planner culture.  Now I am a believer!  I'm not a sticker for everyday and event type girl, but I do love the idea of having a stylish place to write down my notes and keep my life on track.

6. Master Chair
I became obsessed with this chair after sourcing it for a client project earlier this year.  It's as comfortable as it is stylish. I am looking for a way to live with it.  I was hoping to redecorate our condo in Atlanta, but we've opted to sell it instead. I'm now trying to convenience my love to keep it, because if for no other reason, I need a place to decorate with all the beautiful things I find. 

7. Biker Jacket
My planner snob sister has another habit that has spilled over into my life.  She has a personal shopper who sends her clothes every few weeks or so. In one of her deliveries was a black leather biker jacket that I haven't been able to stop thinking of.  For that reason, this biker jacket has prime real estate on my Christmas list.

8. Tidal subscription
I've decided to stop complaining about the state of music today and embrace my status as one of those people who feels my decade was the last best decade for good music.  So I'm asking Santa for a subscription to Tidal, so I can listen to all the Sisqo, Ashanti, 112, Hot Boys, Juvenile, Lauren Hill, and 8 Ball I can stand.

9. Gucci Belt
I have a funny story about Gucci belts that has endeared me to the belts by this brand since my college days. I would probably not wear it much, but I want it.  This one is like a piece of art. I 'm in love with the blue floral blooms and that little touch of red.

Balmain x H&M Collection Is Officially Sold Out

Shanita Sims for Racked.com

Shanita Sims for Racked.com

The much anticipated debut of the Balmain x H&M Collection went live on the H&M website this morning at 8 a.m. EST. And after only an hour, it seems all the coveted items from the collection have been sold to the quickest online bidder. We can't speak for stores across the country but if we had to guess, there is probably nothing but the hangers left. 


After watching Instagram videos of shoppers raid their nearest H&M store (to almost be tramped in the process), and having seen the "due to the high level of interest" Instagram posts out of sheer disappointment from those trying to beat the mob by shopping from a safe place, I realized this topic couldn't be avoided. 

And since H&M doesn't normally restock these collections, according to Fashion Trend Guide, you'll need to know how to go about this strategically. 

So, what's your next best move when the collection's all gone?

Balmain x H&M Lookbook 

Balmain x H&M Lookbook 

First thing's first, after the launch be on the look out for returns.  Many shoppers will take items back to the store. Chances are, in the moment shoppers are trying to grab and go and in all that commotion, could mistakenly grab the wrong size. Returns or exchanges with receipt must be made by Nov. 8 for this collection, and after that store credit will be issued. 

I'd say, give it a few days and browse eBay. Some people just know an opportunity when they see one. Since items are limited and people love the idea of exclusivity, they'll pay double what it worth to say they have it. It's like when your favorite music artist comes to town and the tickets sale out so you have to resort to StudHub. If you're one of those people then eBay may be your golden ticket holder.

And if all else fails and some time passes, check back with H&M. You might have better luck at the end of the month. 

Best of luck!


Shonda Rhimes Covers Essence Magazine's October Issue with #TGIT Cast Takeover

Courtesy of Essence Magazine 

Courtesy of Essence Magazine 

Shondaland is taking over more than just Thursdays. Essence celebrates the sensational writer/producer that is Shonda Rhimes on the October cover of the magazine along with the phenomenal cast that keeps us glued to the TV.  #TGIT Essence takeover includes a six cover reveal with three covers featuring leading ladies, Kerry Washington (“Scandal“), Viola Davis (“How to Get Away with Murder“), and Chandra Wilson (“Grey’s Anatomy“). The remaining covers feature “HTGAWM” stars Billy Brown, Alfred Enoch, and Aja Naomi King as well as “Grey’s” stars James Pickens Jr., Jerrika Hinton, Jason George, and Kelly McCreary.

You can get your copy, or copies, today! The coveted cover collection is on newsstands now. 

'Empire' Collection for Sak's Fifth Avenue

If you're like me, you're impatiently awaiting the Season 2 premiere of Empire. I mean, where else would you get your fall fashion inspiration? And since the show's backdrop is set in none other than the bone-chilling streets of New York City, maybe winter's too.

Earlier today, the luxury department store, Saks Fifth Avenue announced its collaboration with Fox to produce an exclusive fashion collection including some notable designers like MCM, Jimmy Choo and Alexis Bittar. The collection will include both men's and women's pieces inpired by the TV show's leading characters.  

Curated Empire windows will be on display at Saks Fifth Avenue's New York and Beverly Hills flagships from September 10 through October 7.“ In a press release Saks president Marc Metrick described this merger as an “unprecedented partnership.”

“The lines between fashion and entertainment are intersecting. Harnessing this moment is a key underpinning to our strategy as it brings energy and uniqueness to the shopping experience at Saks,” Metrick said.

While we can expect the menswear to be tailored to perfection, nothing has us more excited than the animal prints and must-have accessories from the Cookie department. In the words of fierce and fabulous Lyon's leading lady, “Don’t forget to thank your Cookie on this historic occasion!”