STEP TWO: Use Your Passion As Inspiration

Interior design is not only a career choice but my life's passion. I would do it for free if my father owned the light company.  I'm like most designers who believe your home should be as unique as you are. But what does that mean? It means your home should reflect your individual taste and revolve around the things you love the most. The rules of design teach about balance and scale and what formulas to use to pull a space together. And while I understand the rules of design, I believe they hold second place to your ability to capture the feel and soul of your home.

Images via the    Sister Sophisticate blog   

Images via the  Sister Sophisticate blog 

Your lifestyle, the things you enjoy doing and having around you day to day is where you should start when designing your home. Don't just hand that power over because you don't trust your style. If you are like me, the way or style in which you live your life has evolved.  Over time the things you love should rise to the top pushing less than extraordinary things out of your life altogether.  How you live in your home and your personal journey when included in your decor choices will produce a space ideally suited for you. I've lived in different places, read many books, fallen in love with songs, and picked up things from various cultures during your travels. That range of experiences which is as unique as I am, when added to my living space makes me happy, and my home entirely mine.

When traveling, I encourage my clients to bring back mementos and photographs to add to their decor.  These personal artifacts collected over a lifetime is what makes Since we have an established design plan where we've painted the walls, purchased the furniture and placed the accessories, I give them the opportunity to add thoughtfully to their home something that is special and holds memories for them.