Open Invitation

A student from the local college paper interviewed me on Tuesday. She heard I was working on a new magazine and wanted to ask questions about Iconic Home. Her very first question was about the role the magazine would play in the lives of its readers. Her question caught me completely off guard. I wasn’t prepared to talk about the impact the magazine would have on the reader. I was, however, ready with my answer for the impact it would have on the lives of the designers we would feature.

I took a few moments to ponder the question, admitting to myself the huge blunder of not giving enough thought to the reader. "You should know this about me," I started, "I am obsessed with the home. Not just for the pretty things that go into a home. I am obsessed with the psychology of the home. I love what home is and what home can do." By the time I got to the 'I believe in home as a place of healing as well as a shelter part,' it became clear that I had assumed the reader would pick up on those things naturally.

A few years ago, when I would visit my friends, I’d find myself in a cold, cluttered, forgotten space masquerading as a bedroom. He or she would have to carve out a space for me to sleep among the unfolded laundry and Christmas decorations.

After explaining why it was so important to nurture the people who come into your home, they finally got it. Now when I visit, I am ushered into well-thought-out rooms with luxuries you’ll find at your favorite hotel. They stopped looking at the guest bedroom as a random sleeping option and started looking at it as extensions of the love they feel for the people who will occupy the space.

That change is the impact I hope Iconic Home has on its readers. I want our readers to feel empowered to live and decorate with love and compassion. I want them to use Iconic Home as a guide in helping them to create the type of home that nurtures the spirit.

The reader is now at the core of our magazine. Before the shift, I spent several weeks interviewing designers to gain insights about their businesses. I didn’t think about all the work that had gone in to the first approach. I simply went back to my office, balled up the list of designers I had intended to feature, and tossed it in the trash. I immediately shifted my focus to the homeowner experience where it should have been all long.

If I had not agreed to be interviewed, the magazine and this website would have a totally different feel. I went back to my personal blog, Pink Eggshell, and brought over some of our favorite posts from years past in hopes of making the site feel more collected. It is also my hope that it grounds the site in love, especially for the ideas we will share here from now on. Ultimately, I hope you, the reader, find Iconic Home helpful, insightful and easy to incorporate into your very own life.