As 2015 began to draw to a close, I started preparing my last blog posts for Pink Eggshell.  Seven years ago, I created the Pink Eggshell blog as an extension of my design firm Kimberly and Cameron Interiors to help my friends who were decorating their homes, but didn't have the money to hire us for their projects.  The first few posts were very technical.  We shared looks of industry specific knowledge that I'm sure went their heads. They wanted to know more about making their beds than the different between ambient or task lighting.   I underestimated how much work it would be writing the blog and keeping my design clients happy. I embraced the challenge and growing pains and eventually turned Pink Eggshell into an award-winning design blog.  

I've always enjoyed being a blogger. I like to educate my clients so being a blogger and having access to brands on an intimate level allowed me to take my design business to a new level.  I found myself using the brand and product knowledge I received while on bog tours and at other industry  events, to sell my design clients products that had a pedigree  and a mission I could believe in.   

After publishing a list of the Top 20 African American Interior Designers in 2011, the blog become something else almost over night. The publication of the list increased my ability to bring awareness to black interior designers. I started getting asked to speak about issues that pertained to black designers and became an advocate for diversity in the interior design industry.  

Everything started to move quickly.  For a while I felt we lacked focus on the blog.  It wasn't that I didn't have content.  The issue was which way do I go.  Do I keep attending events and building my own profile or do I reach back and help other people in my community get some of the opportunities that were so beneficial to me?

The ideas kept coming and we kept evolving.  The Top 20 list became a meet up and eventually a conference.  The conference guide which was intended to highlight the profiles of the top 20 designers and to share the best stories from the blog became Iconic Home Magazine. 

Office Signage

Iconic Home will be a magazine specializing in the black home and lifestyle experience.  In it we will share stories of black homeownership and feature profiles of black interior designers and architectural firms.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m very excited. I believe everything in my life has lead me to this point.  My design career, my blog, all of it has prepared me for this next big leap.

Read the latest digital copy of Iconic Home Magazine on Issuu here.

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