3 things to do with your iPhone Photos Now

In my next life, I really should be a photographer or gallery owner because I am obsessed with photography. For as long as I can remember and long before everyone had cameras in their pockets, I had my Canon dangling around my neck snapping pictures of anything and everything possible.  Since printing was such a big deal, I learned early the importance of properly archiving my images and storing my negatives.

And while the waste and expense associated with printing fuzzy images has all but been eliminated with digital photography, people are printing fewer images than ever. This post is motivate you to print your smartphone photos and create the albums, calendars and arrangements you'll love sharing with your family.

1. Fall in love with a beautiful album first

Are you like me? Do you buy cute boxes or baskets that you love and then figure out what you'll put in them later?  Do the same with your photo storage option.  I obsessed over this Kolo Noci brag book for several months before I purchased it. I kept going back and forth about the practicality of it. Was it big enough? Would there be space for me to write notes?  I over analyzed it, but finally settled on it after seeing the many creative ways the album could be used on the Kolo blog.   

2. Use photography as the focal point of your decor

 Wemontage is a company that allows you to create removable wallpaper from your favorite images.  This is such a brilliant photo display option especially for kids rooms.  If you try it out, please come back and let us know.  I'd love to see what you come up with.


3. Print your images and store them beautifully

No matter how organized I tried to be, having a newborn was the busiest I'd ever been in my life! So I know how easy it is to fall behind when it comes to printing and labeling images while figuring out motherhood.  My solution was to signed up for Shutterfly and upload images at least once a month.  I later printed them and used these storage containers from the container store to store them by month.

 Don't worry about having too many images and don't worry about perfection. Print as many images as possible because you never know what you'll need.  You can always store the rest as mentioned above.   There are many options for your digital images, mugs, calendars, and t-shirts come to mind. But having a physical copy is the true treasure. 

Need help getting started?   Use these tips from digital photography school to get memorable shots of your baby every time.