Fresh Picks For Your Kids With Love From Ayesha Curry!

We just love growth and the sweet life! Whether it be the growing Freshly Picked baby moccasin line, to Ayesha Curry’s growing empire. The full time mom and wife to Stephen Curry. Author of The Seasoned Life, cooking show television host of Ayesha’s Homemade, and business woman has her hands full with the sweet things in life. We don’t know how the super mom does it but if you are a mom, you understand just how hectic life can get. It can be difficult to find clothing and shoes that fit your baby’s tiny little feet, just the way you like! Ayesha recently teamed up with Susan Petersen the Founder and CEO of Freshly Picked, the adorable baby moccasin brand. Susan started Freshly Picked In 2009 with $200 dollars and has since grown her company to a multimillion dollar company.

Ayesha loved the fact that the company was started by a mom and decided to hop on board! Ayesha first realized the importance of finding pieces and shoes for her children, when she had trouble finding shoes to fit little Riley’s feet when she was a toddler.  In November of 2015, Riley Curry rocked a pair of hard bottom moccasins to her dad’s game.  “The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is choosing projects based on your talents and passions,” Curry explains of the personal balance she has been able to find as a working mom. “When Riley was little, I fell in love with Freshly Picked moccasins, and loved that the company was started by a mom.”

She teamed up with Petersen and launched her food inspired line called “All Things Sweet” The line consists of 3 flavors. A magenta shadePink Lemonade, a chocolate spotted teal Mint Chip, and a blue and gold team inspired Fan Favorite.  The adorable shoes will run you around 60 bucks and can be purchased online at  Be sure to grab your baby a pair to make his or her little yummy toes even sweeter!


Written By: Keia McSwain