A Carousel of Colors: Gray's Visionary 5th Birthday

For a child, every birthday is special. Birthdays hold enough clout to be amongst some of their most cherished childhood memories. Chuck E. Cheese's pizza parties, water park adventures and an entire day spent at the local amusement park with a few friends have become normal, celebratory traditions for children nowadays. But when 5-year-old Gray came up with the idea to have a rainbow birthday party, Alison Harold did everything to bring her daughter's idea to life. And not in the way you expect.

All colors of the rainbow were used remarkably. From the nicely crafted invitations to the elaborate candy bar, swag bags, pin the tail on the donkey, and even the homemade, 7-layer rainbow cake! However, Gray's vivid imagination turned stellar birthday bash could not have been achieved without careful and persistent effort.

In every stage of it conception, from the vision board to the costume design, Gray was in charge of her own creative vision while developing invaluable traits to carry her into adulthood. Skills like critical thinking, production and development, and leadership. 

"I saw this as an opportunity to build a skill set that coupled her creativity with productivity. Taking these different moments for learning, decision making and planning are important to me. She was the hostess, the kids loved being outside, engaging with each other and we got so many people saying this was the best party they'd ever been to," Alison.

For her 6th birthday party Gray has decided on a superhero theme. We can't wait to share it here on the blog! Stay tuned.