Get Kelly Rowland's Baby Bedding

I have been carrying around this image of Kelly Rowland and her son's room for so long, I think the child is walking. I really have to do a better job of getting these things out of the drafts folder faster. I bet Kelly is reading this like, yea! That was forever ago.  You might find this funny and I have to ask: Are you laughing becasue it took me so long to post this or the fact that I think Kelly Rowland is actually reading this?

In which ever case, I don't care.  I want it to go down in history that I saw the bedding, thought it was cute and found it available online so you can now buy it for your baby.  You're welcome.

Land of Nod Sheepish Crib Bedding.

Savanna Toddler Bedding from the Land of Nod

Dreamy Lavender and Cream Nursery