Here's Why This Kate Spade Desk is Your Much-Needed, Fashionable Operations Manager

Kate Spade Home Desk AD


If there were ever a time to dread being an adult, it's when you have to sit yourself down to sort though your monthly expenses. We all do it. We all dread sitting down to pay your bills. It just so happens that the other day, I found myself reading Steven Pressfield's the War of Art. If you're familiar than you know who the real enemy is: Procrastination! I've learned that the creative process is just that: A process! You can draw inspiration from everywhere, even if your bogged down paying bills at your desk. 

Out of all things Kate Spade this desk is the winner! It's much easier to get things accomplished when the things around you motivate you. That being said, you can imagine the sheer excitement I felt when I discovered this Kate Spade Downing Desk while at the furniture unveil party during High Point Market

Kate Spade Desk

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Kate Spade at EJ Victor Showroom 

Kate Spade at EJ Victor Showroom 

This inclines me to ask: What things do you keep on your desk?

I like to keep a few quintessential items in my office. For example, I like to keep fresh flowers in the room (preferably, close enough to get a whiff). Flowers add an element of liveliness that make my days inside and long work hours seem shorter.  Speaking of keeping it live, I need my Beats Pill atopn my desk for high energy and music does that for me (Adele's Hello is currently on repeat if you must know).

Courtesy of SeeJaneWork 

Courtesy of SeeJaneWork 

Other things that have a home on my desk include Mitchell Black's White Candle, SeeJaneWork folders and stationary. I've heard that working by candlelight helps you work longer, I found it to be true for me. I keep fancy folders and nice stationary because it's makes doing my work less of a chore and reminds why I love what I do. I make personality shine through where it matters. I make the homes and spaces of others something they can be excited to come to everyday; something they can be proud of and care for for years to come.  

Is this Kate Spade desk something you'd pick for your personal work space? Tell us what must-have items we would find on your desk. 


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