Kelis Releases Her Internationally Inspired Cookbook: My Life on a Plate, And She's Not Grilling Chicken

"Biscuits n' Gravy," "Jerk Ribs" and "Friday Fish Fry" were among a few titled tracks off the vocalist's latest album appropriately entitled Food. It's no wonder that her next big debut would be a carefully curated recipe book inspired by her travels and growing up in a culturally abundant Harlem, NY. 

The songstress is no newcomer to the kitchen. "I was in the presence of a master. She had a hard working staff, but I was always there. I would do anything she asked, or she'd let me," she said about growing up with a chef for a mother.  

 "I can't really say when my love affair with food actually started. I don't even remember learning to cook. I don't remember learning to sing either for that matter. But I do remember watching her cook," she tells readers in her opening remarks.

While her mother inspired her culinary artistry, her father influenced her musical talents. Straight out of high school, Kelis was signed to Virgin Records and began touring countries that not only helped her reach her fans but incited her keen love of spices and appreciation for different cultural cuisines.

In 2008, Kelis decided to start a new chapter. Chef Kelis launched Feast, a line of sauces, in 2013; which she renamed Bounty & Full earlier this year. She has had specials on the Cooking Channel: Saucy & Sweet and Holiday Feast With Kelis, not to mention her cooking web series, In the Pot, hosted on Bounty & Full’s YouTube channel.

And what salutations can you expect from the bold chef, soulful musician, wife, and mom? “I wanted to make a book for living,” she says. “People don’t know what’s healthy. They expect me to be grilling chicken breast and steaming. That sucks. Why eat?" 

You can buy My Life on a Plate on Amazon now.