Master Your Bathroom Remodel in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Make a Wish List - Take a moment to analyze your bathroom to identify what you need for the space to functional properly.   A good place to start is with the things that are driving you crazy right now.  Hate that your mirror fogs in the shower or that your husband splashes water on the walls?  Come up with a solution that change it.  I am always looking for ways to improve my morning routine, so I added pull out drawers to my vanity.  Put everything you can think of to the list.  You can eliminate things later. 

Step 2: Establish a Budget - I moved the budget to 2nd place because in the past, we have created budgets and had work done, only to wish we had splurged on things that would have made our space function more smoothly.  You can adjust the quality of the products but you don't want to leave them out all together. 

Plumb Tile Bathroom Remodel

Step 3: Gather Inspiration - Go to Pintrest or Houzz or where ever you go to get inspired.  You want to gather as many ideas as you can for the space.  Look for things like tile patterns and soothing color palettes. At this step you'll need to decide on the style of the bathroom.  Ask yourself, if you want a modern space with a few items or a layered space with lots of decorative details.

Step 4: Hire A Great Contractor - Even the smallest bathroom will benefit from the know-how of a trained contractor.  I've seen contractors completely transform projects.  The contractor will be able to set the timeline for the project and will keep you from making costly mistakes.  Go to your contractor informed.  Many of our online resources like, have people on staff to help with the logistics of selecting fixtures and collecting the installation data your contractor will need.

Step 5: Organize and enjoy the space -  As you move things back into your bathroom make sure to organize the space.  Use the opportunity to get rid of everything you are no longer using.  I am notorious for hoarding hair care products.  I kept telling myself that one day I'll be glad I had the 6 bottles of conditioner.  That day never come. This lead me to pair down my life.  Now I only keep one hair care system at a time.  This allows me to keep the clutter down tremendously. You have to think about the storage at the beginning  of the project in order to have a picture perfect finish.

1/ Inspiration Tile  2/ Dedcorative Mirror 3/ Counter top 4/Shower head 5/Faucet 6/Paint 7/ Greenery 8/ Vanity with storage 9/Freestanding tub