Incorporating African Art and Artifacts Into Your Home

From paintings to mantle pieces, the art in our homes reflect the potency of our intrinsic nature, sense of culture and tells a story of how we identify with the world around us. After admiring the works of artists like Basil Watson, Kehinde Wiley and Mark Steven Greenfield, it is easy to reason that no home is complete without the comprise of some artistic ingenious.

Much like the history of Africa, and its people, African art is deep and rich, and full of fervor. Africa is, and continues to be, one of the most diverse and culturally rich civilizations in the world. Artists on the continent and throughout the diaspora continue to produce works reminiscent of a universal resilience in the face of adversity, exploring every nuance of beauty, all the while demonstrating masterful skill.

Finding a little piece of Africa to add to the aesthetic of your home has gotten much easier than having to take a trip to the motherland to retrieve it. 

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