Design at the Door Entryway Tips to Try in Your Foyer

Sheila Bridges Designs, Photography by William Waldron

Sheila Bridges Designs, Photography by William Waldron

Entryways are high-traffic spaces that help others transition into your private life. They are the first impression and lasting impression for guests. The entryway gives visitors a hint of what's in store.  Here are some simple yet efficient ways to brighten up your entryway and extend a warm welcome with a little design effort. 

1. Lighting

Whether a small, overhead chandelier or wall sconces, you want to ensure that the lighting is complimentary to the rest of the house. Lighting is importing stepping into your home. Lighting gives your entryway ambiance without taking up space.

2. Art and Mirrors

Engaging art is great for introducing guests to your home. A sample of your taste in art may lead to a deeper conversation later on. If you're aiming for a more dramatic effect, try a few decorative mirrors.  These are the most important accessories for a foyer. You may need to check you hair and make up before jetting out the door. A mirror also floods small spaces with light, making it seem larger and more airy. 

3. Accents and Greenery

Other welcoming touches include tabletop accents and something fresh, such as a live plant or cut flowers. This in the perfect opportunity to incorporate your personality—favorite color, spirit animal, or something that speaks to your style—traditional, contemporary or eclectic as you may be.


4. Console Tables

When I comes to console tables, scaling your space is must. For a smaller space, consider something with storage or space for a woven basket underneath to keep from congesting the area. And for larger spaces? Again, keep in my mind what your design style is. If you’re eclectic, you may opt for an antique piece. And if you’re more contemporary, you may lean towards a glass-top table with a gold finish. 

5. Chairs and Benches

Balance is key here. You want to keep your entryway space uncluttered, leaving room for the door to open without furniture causing a hassle. However, seating in the foyer makes for a cozier atmosphere. A patterned chair is ideal. And if you have carpet in your home, this is a good way of inviting guests to remove their shoes once they step inside. 



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