For The Love of Leather!

We’ve been swooning over leather for some time now but these leather chandeliers from Ngala Trading Company, take the cake. We all know that a selfie just isn’t a selfie without great lighting. I’m an avid lover of selfies, great lighting, and nice leather. Thanks to Ngala Trading Co, the lighting just got even better. In 2013 the team opened their first interior design and home furnishings business out of a small store in Johannesburg, South Africa. They blended modern American pieces with a bold African twist.


Leather has always been one of the top “go-to” materials for use in the design world. The Urchin Oval Chandelier starts at around a Jimmy Choo hand bag, The Whisper Leather Chandelier would run you around a Louis Vuitton clutch,The Urchin Leather looks more like an Hermes Birkin, and the Crochet Leather Pod looks like those retro metallic Gucci low top platforms you’ve had your eye on. You would think that leather should basically be a free product of the food industry. McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King alone kill enough cows annually to keep chandeliers hanging above us all. However, leather is still very expensive. You’ll spend at least two hundred bucks or more for a quality leather jacket. Unlike cotton, linen and wool, there's only so much leather per cow. Once you eat the cow,  you've got to grow another one to get more leather. Who has the time or patience? I'm sure it's more expensive to raise cows than to grow cotton or flax. The leather lamps are a totally different story. We understand that the bulk of the cost isn’t the leather but for the amazing craftsmanship and time put into these beauties. 100% of Ngala Trading’s products are made by hand in South Africa. Ngala Trading carries a wide variety of skulls and skins. They also use exotic indigenous materials such as feathers, ostrich eggs, leather, porcupine quills, suede,and horns to make lighting, furniture and decor. They are not only functional but gorgeous statement pieces.

The two american partners wanted to bring the beautiful culture and wonderful design to the forefront. They’re extremely choosy in selections and partners. Taking pride in how they weave together Europe in Africa in a perfect and sophisticated design ethos. The safari  look is a perfect mix of cool, relaxing, and chic. “It is neither colonial nor primitive but indigenous of Africa”. The amazingly crafted products are handcrafted from start to finish in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are 100% organic.


The leather chandelier comes in five different sizes and are designed for you and your space. The chandeliers are handmade with varying lengths of stripped leather. This creates layers of texture and movement. It gives off a low ambient glow and looks amazing when viewing from below. The standard color is cream. But black and grey are also available for an additional charge. If you’re interested in these overhead beauties, you can head over to to snatch one up!

Photos Courtesy Instagram

Written By Keia McSwain