BOSS Books for a BOSS LIFE: These Female Entrepreneurs Show Us How It's DONE!

In my personal opinion Entrepreneurs are a special group of people who choose to chase their wildest dreams. It is a noun defined as; a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Being an aspiring Interior Designer I have decided I’ll one day take the entrepreneual route for my career.

I follow hundreds of people especially those who have worked day and night to create their own business and succeeded in their industry. Three women however are on my daily watch list, I look at their social media accounts at least once a day. I like to know everything about them, what they’re working on, when they work out and even what they eat. I believe in studying those who you wish to someday be like, and let’s just say I would love to drive a Benz and charter a private flight in the future.

Claire Sulmers founder of The Fashion Bomb blog has over 2.4 million combined followers on her social media accounts. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Romance Language and African American Studies. She has even been the recipient of several awards including Black Blogger of the month by Black Enterprise.

You can get her Memoir and Self Help Book “The Bomb Life. My Brand. My Terms.” For only $20. In this Memoir she gives us a real life tour of how she rose to the top of her industry. She also gives some insider tips on blogging and building a following! 

Kristi Jackson is an Elite Business Strategist with an MBA in Business Administration and Marketing and a BA in computer science. Her business is literally everyone else’s, Kristi has built a career helping others build their own. She has worked with many top brands including Capitol One, Apple and The White House.

Kristi has several books you can purchase on her website Women CEO Project along with one on one and group coaching sessions. 

Olori Swank “The Black Girl with the Blue Hair” is a former pre-med graduate with a BA in Psychology turned celebrity fashion stylist. She has had the privilege to work with the likes of KeKe Palmer, Lance Gross, Christiana Milian and many others. Her work has been showcased on CNN, OWN, BET and more.

Her new book “101: The Blueprint for a SWANK Life” is full of advice based on her journey to success. She also includes great tips on diet, fashion and even how to get perfect eyebrows. She left no rock unturned as she gives advice on subjects we forget contribute to our overall success.

Check out all of these women and let us know which Boss Female Entrepreneur is your favorite!


Photos Courtesy of personal websites and Instagram @Oloriswank @ClaireSulmers @WomenCeoProject