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If you’re anything like me which I know you are, you love your TV dramas. I try not to collect too many shows on my must watch list, but after everyone I knew from any and everywhere were talking about Queen Sugar I had to sit down and watch it. The new contemporary drama is a master collaboration from Ava Duvernay and Oprah Winfrey. These two talented women took the novel written by Natalie Baszile and transformed it into a work of art. The show explores many social issues at the surface of today. We have a look at deep culture, the complexity of families, race and much more in this revolutionary TV series.

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The show is set in St.Josephine Louisiana it opens up with a glimpse into the lives of the Bordelon children. three children who moved on to three separate lives all bound by the love of their father. Watching a father deny money from a daughter who had more than she could spend. A daughter who despite of being of sound couscous mind bowed at the feet of a married man. Lastly the baby brother who despite his on flaws and obstacles, giving his all in raising his own son.

Despite the harsh realities it’s easy to grasp the overall theme of Queen Sugar, love. Real emotion, real love and real life are all key factors in creating the the captivating drama. Keep in mind all of the episodes in the first season were directed by women, which gives you another amazing reason to watch.

The show honestly swept me away from beginning to end and the Designer in me could not resist creating a couple of chic cozy spaces inspired by the Deep South and all of it’s richness. You can build beautiful spaces inspired by the show right from your home, super easy and super chic! You can literally shop both of these rooms without even pausing the latest episode of Queen Sugar.

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