All I Want For Christmas: Simone Roberts

1. So I've been sporting the same sneakers (gray new Balance or my gray Nike's) for several years, and they were holding up great until recently. Now they are talking! I must have overworked them because they have a whole bunch of stuff to say.  (giggle) But for some reason, it seems like a low priority item because I'm not a sneaker person like that, but they are a vital necessity for the comfort of my feet especially with long days at work.

2. In February I am scheduled to move, so I'm looking for a new place that suits this new season of my life. I would love a place that inspires creativity, is spacious with tons of ample storage for business stuff, is full of light and life (animals, birds, flowers, plants, etc. own, outdoor life), easy accessible to highways and reasonably close to work, with a real yard not this BS condo lawns. Truthfully, I desire a house of my own permanent dwelling place. My crazy believing friend Kimberly says to believe that someone will just give me a place, so that's what I'm doing Santa, requesting a Home and believing I will have it! :) 


I have had a passport since I was a month old and traveling a few months later. I was taking road trips with my dad starting probably at the age of 6! So how and why is it that I have no passport and have not left the country, never mind the state in over 6 years!!??? I will be prepared for my gift to sunny somewhere! Before 2016 ends, have a passport in hand and will be ready to jet-set and get my road trip on again!

4. I never was a boots person, but always appreciated how cute and sexy they looked on others. But last year I was going through a lazy just want to be comfortable stage and was tired of sneakers and my feet being cold, so I broke down and bought a pair. Oh, Lord, why did I do that!?? I am in love!!! It is the best thing ever and so comfortable! Perfect for work, walking and still have my legs looking cute and warm at the same time! :) So a few more pairs will be greatly appreciated! 

5. Desperately, in need of some new work clothes!!

I never wanted to be a standard corporate suit person, but lately, I have been struggling to become one! I thought I had a tight wardrobe before, but I have currently gotten a new job where being on point is stressed to the max. So weirdly, I am being morphed into this new mature, corporate look, but of course with some artistic subtleties! The plus side of it is I now have a legitimate reason to go shopping!! So wish #5 is to have an Olivia Pope wardrobe (especially the coats) chilling in my closet!!!

6. This was not my addition; Someone felt I needed to add it, though! I hate doing all that stuff on the phone that it can do, and I am starting to dislike having to answer a lot of emails or text messages on it.. so tiring! But to have on that takes better quality pictures would be nice. However, you will never catch me randomly buying on, hence why on the list! :)

 7. My favorite laptop (a gift from my brother) got destroyed a few years ago when a pipe burst in the apartment above and water came flowing down through the heat vent right onto my laptop!! Seriously!??? Nowhere else but on the laptop!! So I basically can't stand my replacement one. Refurbished isn't always the right and best move! 

8. Ummm, I didn't add this, Someone again felt this went hand in hand with the new wardrobe. (Shrug) I hardly use the what I do have! But I will say I have been stepping it up with putting on just my usual basics - lipstick and gloss, eyeliner, and mascara - but more focused on bolder lip colors and an occasional eyeshadow here and there, depending upon the mood and degree of tiredness on my face! 

9. The bag is a work necessity as well... Actually a life necessity! Some days I have to make multiple wardrobe changes or need to carry various small (or odd shaped) supply items with me, but I never have the right size bag to fit everything and always end up carry several smaller non-matching tote bags, hence acquiring the name bag lady :/ It does become a little frustrating carrying multiple things and having to borrow friend's bag and hear her grips as to how much the bag thing vexes her.

10. Who doesn't need tires!? And these jokers can add up, especially if you driving minimum 300 miles a week. I never remember having to change tires so often, not even when I was a road trip queen!!