All I want For Christmas: Ashley McClendon

Hello everyone! Ashley here.

I still honestly can't believe it's December let alone almost 2017! I've been so busy this year getting back into Design school and studying to become a Realtor. Which as of today I have officially passed both my National and State exam. (Takes a bow) 

This year has literally flown by, I'm both nervous and excited to see what the New Year holds. The editor called me one day to ask what was on my Christmas Wishlist and I had absouletly no idea. My birthday is also in December so I'm used to receiving one or no gifts at all I tend to accept whatever I'm given. Considering how busy my New Year is looking I went ahead and put together my own special list. I filled my list with things that would be useful for me the entire year!


  1. Selfie Case. This amazing and brilliant phone case created by Beyonce's very own makeup artist. I mean any girl who loves a good selfie understands the importance of good lighting! This case guarantees you get the best selfie no matter what the lighting around you is like!
  2. Rose Gold beats. Since I wear my beats to work out they have already gotten pretty worn over 2 years. Why not go for a beautiful rose gold pair to wear when I'm doing just about everything else? Considering that they are wireless and beautiful I think they would look great wrapped up and under my tree. 
  3. Rose Gold Macbook. So first off, yes I am addicted to Rose gold. If I could update all of my electronics to this finish that would make my year literally. I have had the same laptop for 4+ years and no doubt I love her. We've been through it all but it's definetly almost time to trade her up for something more stylish with more memory.
  4. Simple Human sensor mirror. Again with the perfect lighting, I am a makeup lover and the regular conair mirror has been with ,me for years. I've grown so much and became very skilled in applying my makeup. This mirror is sure to take me to the next level!
  5. Kate spade. I love all of my bags to be big. I am one of those girls who carries EVERYTHING and I do mean everything in my purse. Since I'm in school and doing design work, I need as much space as I can get.
  6. The Julia Desk. Getting back into writing this year has been so theraputic for me. I originally was going to college for Journalism but life had other plans for me. I already have the perfect spot in my living room for it, what better than a gorgeous and super chic desk for me to continue my writing?
  7. Canon EOS 2000. For years I have been contemplating getting into photography. I don't think I would do it professionally but I would love to be able to capture the world as I see it with something other than my Iphone camera. 
  8. 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Go big or go home right? The best thing Santa could tuck under my tree would be this beauty. I've been driving small 4 door cars since I was 16, in 2017 I think it's time to upgrade to something slightly bigger. I'll be making major career moves in the New Year and I would love to do them in my new jeep!