The 10 Times Marjorie Harvey's Space Was as Fabulous as She Is.

Marjorie Harvey

 There are few Instagram accounts I love more than that of Marjorie Harvey's.  Her personal style is top-notch, and I love how her lifestyle celebrates just how fun it is being a girl.  And while my friends go crazy over her fashion choices, I can't help but stare past the Gucci and Fendi to the lavish interiors in the background.

As an interior designer, I'm naturally drawn to beautiful spaces.  I am fascinated with them in fact.  You can often find me admiring a hotel lobby, completely taken in by stained glass windows, or smitten by the decor of a stylish boutique. I love it all.

I've selected my favorite images from Marjorie's Instagram page to show you just how often she gets the decor right.  I know you'll love them all as much as I do. If you can try to pick a favorite, Then leave a comment below to share your selection with us.  We have an office pool going in which I plan to win. 

Marjorie Harvey on ICONIC HOME Blog
Marjorie Harvey on Iconic Home Blog
Marjorie Harvey on ICONIC HOME BLOG
Marjorie Harvey on Iconic Home Blog
Marjorie Harvey on Iconic Home Blog

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