BOOKS TO COLLECT: A Possession Obsession

Monica Rich Kosann, a New York native is fluent in the language of creativity. Hypothetically speaking if creativity was actually a language Kosann would have mastered it 1ox over. 

Monica began developing  her career as a photographer at only 16. She studied at many places in order to perfect her craft. Her unique perspective on photography and creating images that could serve as heirlooms, made her an extremely demanded photographer. 

Possession Obsession Cover Image

She launched her jewelry line in 2003 inspired by her ability to create photographs that would travel from generation to generation. "Can a woman give this piece to her daughter in 20 years?", is her driving question when she creates any of her exquisite pieces. She prides herself on creating beautiful and truly unique heirlooms. 

Her latest jewel isn't even a piece of jewelry. It is a book titled "A possession obsession." Kosann created a collection of those who collect. In the book released November 2nd, Kosann highlights the things we hold close to our hearts and the reasons why. 

The book includes interviews with the likes of Usher, Judge Judy and many more. Check out the entire website at! 

Ushaer Rayomond for Possession Obession