THRONE UPHOLSTERY: The Statement Chairs You Need!

Everyone loves a good chair, but a great chair, a brilliant chair can recreate your space!

When I want to get excited about new projects I often seek out unique and exotic items,rooms and home decor. It is the small details in complexity that create beauty after all. I recently came across somewhat of a "Chair heaven" if you will on

(Iconic Tip: When you need to jump start your own creativity, search for items along with terms like "Unique" "Creative" "Exotic".

The instagram page left me in awe and feeling super inspired moving into my newer projects. Watching the designer of these incredibly unique chairs share her vision with the world. Even letting us in on bits and pieces of her process! The use of materials like fur and feathers combined with leather, paint and even fishing nets. Yes fishing nets! You have to head over and see for yourself, let us know what you think!

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