Sheila G. of Loni M. Designs talks this Season's Trends, Successful Manufacturing and Branded Arts

The name Sheila G. may not immediately ring a bell but if you know anything about fashion and e-commerce, you know this woman is a force to be reckoned with. With much success tied to the fashion industry, Sheila managed to make quite a name for herself in the downtown LA garment district.

You may be thinking, "how does that translate into a flourishing manufacturing company and interior design showrooms in downtown Los Angeles and Las Vegas?" Well, Sheila is a artist whose creativity knows no bounds.  

After deciding to take the time out to travel, Sheila G. reinvented herself. Five years ago, she started Loni M. Designs and began to experiment with different prints and textiles. Sheila then  partnered with brands like One Kings Lane and Joss & Main to create an exclusive online boutique for furnishings at a time when online retailers were far and few. 

We caught up with Sheila to talk about how she got her start, fall trends and upcoming projects.

Pinkeggshell: So, tell me about how you got into e-commerce. 

Sheila G: I went to an event and it just so happen I met a guy who was in the beginning stages of building an online shopping site. Haute Look had a great new concept and plenty of potential. So, the founder and I got to talking and business followed. I partnered vendors with the e-commerce site and the rest is history. 

PE: What inspired you to try your hand in the interior design industry?

SG: Well, I wanted to do something different. I'm a very creative person and traveling really made me reevaluate the direction I wanted to take. I was inspired by all the places I'd seen, the culture, the people and it grew from there. After 21 years in the fashion industry, there's a certain kind of grind you have to have and I knew that. I carved a niche for myself, that and my work ethic has made my business successful. 

PE: Let's talk about trends: What can we expect to see this fall?

SG: You can expect something different every quarter from Loni M. Designs. There's no down time. That being said, a lot of neutrals, a lot of graphics and patterns, which are certainly the areas I specialize in. I started out putting patterns on pillows and now I'm putting art on furniture. 

PE: You mentioned you've teamed up with many vendors but now you're working with artists. Tell me more about that.

SG: We're screen printing licensed art onto chairs! I'm working with an arts foundation on designs for interiors from their capsule collection. We have some things in the works with Caesar's Palace and let's just say I'll be ordering a lot of leather for this project. 

PE: What is Branded Arts?

SG: Branded Arts is a creative group in the Los Angeles area whose founder happens to be a good friend of mine. Over the years they've managed to produce and curate art exhibitions and public mural projects. We've teamed up to find a way to use a portion of the proceeds to feed the homeless. It's art for a cause. 

PE: What's next for Loni M. Designs? 

SG: High Point Market. After that, I'm focusing on perfecting the spring collection. The silhouettes are complete. It's really coming along. I mean, even we're sleep we're getting business orders so I'm always busy. 

Photos: Courtesy of Loni M. Designs