Malaysia Pargo Luxury Bedding Collection by Hedgecock Creed

You may recognize Malaysia Pargo from the cast of VH1's Basketball Wives LA. Well, the show's starlet is more than a TV personality and the, now former, wife to basketball player Jannero Pargo. She is a succesful bussinesswoman. With a jewelry line already under her belt, Pargo recently partnered with Hedgecock Creed to launch the Malaysia Pargo Collection.

“There was a void in the market place for affordable luxe glam bedding, so I decided to fill it by creating a line that was true to my sense of fashion. I believe everyone deserves to feel glamorous even while they sleep,” she said in an interview.

The bedding line offers an assortment of plush textures including faux furs, chinchilla and velvet. Pargo introduces a chic and reasonably priced comforter sets tailored to her personal style accented by crystals and gold. 

 You can find the Malaysia Pargo Collection available exclusively on the Malaysia Pargo website