Kelly Wearstler New Collection for Groundworks

Have you been to the Viceroy in Anguilla lately?  My friends just got back from a weeklong celebration and all they could talk about was the hotel.  My friends were so taken by the design that they brought the hotel brochure home.

When I saw the brochure,  I immediately recognized the decor as the work of Kelly Wearstler.  I'm not stalking Kelly even though her collection for Circa Lighting and her furniture debut at EJ Victor, dominated the Pinkeggshell cover page for weeks.  

I get why designers love her.  She's so free and so creative.  She seems to be in her own little world and from the looks of things, that's the best place to be.  We want that life, the freedom to be unapologetically Kelly. Now she's infiltrating the masses and catching the attention of the common consumer.

My friend, and client, is going to die when I show her the fabrics in Wearstler's newest collection.  They are building a multimillion dollar house and I can tell right away that they are going to look to me to bring the feeling of the Viceroy into their new space.

Wearstler's new Terra Firma collection is the perfect place to start. Inspired by the dreamy desert and magical makings of California, the textiles are a replica of the myriad of natural elements this locale has to offer.  

When you consider Wearstler's design style and Californian modern luxury, the two are almost interchangeable. She describes the concept and bringing her latest project to life as exploring "diverse California terrain in a versatile play of patterns, colors and textures. An easy yet elegant capture of a raw and refined vibe with fabrics that complement each other and every setting."  

A combination of prints and weaves, Terra Firma features ideal outdoor design that emphasizes and celebrates the organic beauty of the California coastline, lush botanical gardens and desertscapes, all uniquely abundant with rich texture and distinctive details. This includes Solstice, which garners inspiration from one of Kelly’s favorite vintage 1960s surf shirts and Shoreline, a free-spirited and fresh approach to classic stripes with a four-color design that evokes depth and dimension. These and many more can be shopped and adored additions to your home today! 

The Terra Firma collection is available now at your local Lee Jofa showroom and, exclusively.  

See why below:

The Indoor-outdoor Collection