5 Spring Projects to Spruce Up Your Home in Preparation for Summer

After being cooped up all winter, it’s time to get some things done around the house. Here are some small projects that will make your home less cluttered and assure smooth sailing as summer quickly approaches.

 1.     Clean out closets and pack up winter clothes. Storage is your best friend this time of year. You’ve pulled out all those holiday decorations, extra down comforters and sweaters for layering through February. It’s time to label and sort out what you won’t need. A spacious home will make for more ventilation and a fresh interior. 

2. Paint or wallpaper a powder room. Something about the seasons changing makes me want to see myself in a different light. It’s a small and easy DIY project that could potentially kick start other projects throughout your home. Try a print or something bright to add personality to your space.

3. Buy a new area rug for the entryway. Any and everywhere you’ve been last season your ‘Welcome’ mat has accounted for.  Dirt, mud and grimy snow are things you don’t want to be reminded of every time you set foot in your home. Getting a new area rug is an easy solution and a friendly reminder that seasons change.

4. Change out your bedding in the master. A lighter, fresher bed is a must as we transition out of winter and into warmer weather. You might’ve kept a quilt between the duvet or extra pillows for comfort but the season in which less is more has arrived. Try a nice linen or something breathable—they usually weigh less and are perfect for cool, calm summer nights.

5. Designate a spot in your home for meditation. Buy a floor pillow and place a candle beside it. When people think about having a prayer place in their homes I think they often jump to the conclusion they simply don’t have the space for it. A small corner or quiet place anywhere in your home would suffice. 

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