Vern Yip for Trend, Tips For Layering Lavishly + Successfully

Vern Yip Home

The Dinner with Fabricut + Vern Yip at the Design Bloggers Conference Atlanta was nothing short of phenomenal. Guests, myself included, were invited to Yip’s Buckhead home where we were greeted in the foyer. While he began to share the history that inspired the design of his home, I couldn’t take eyes off the chandelier, I was awestricken by the art and spellbound by the textiles. As we moved from the foyer to other parts of his home, the more and more the story began to unfold. Like the stories he shared, the art and fabrics were woven into intricate and deep layers.


What I found exceptionally skillful was Yip's execution. The fabrics were not competing but incorporated in a way that was both cohesive in its presentation and exquisite in terms of technique.  

Vern Yip Master Bedroom

Functionality is key. Yip offered these four design interior design tips: 

1. A design has to be both funtional and beautiful. 

2. When accessorizing be bold and go for fewer things, but bigger things.

3. Add vintage or antiques to a room to give ot character and a patina.

4. Surround yourself with things you truly love. 

And that is what made this visit so special. You could tell that the house was lived in. Being a guest in his home didn't just speak to how he lives but evidenced how he used his fabrics in his own home. His collection for Trend includes four books of patterns and two books of solids. His designs were made with practicality and aesthetic in mind. This was the perfect example of a show house, home for kids and an active family on the go. There were shelves of children’s books—which as a mom I especially appreciated. Yip has proven that you don’t have to sacrifice being a lover of nice things, original art or be afraid of towering stacks of books. Too many times people get caught up in the furnishing and forget the personal touches that make home, home. 

See photos of Vern Yip's play room where my favorite patterns from the ocean blue collection are featured below: