This Week's Links to Love

I am dependent on my stylish friends to keep me up on the things that I simply don't have time to research on my own.  I've been "natural" since 1994 but have never watched a natural hair tutorial on youtube.  I worked for MAC right out of college and never had to pin an eyeliner application or read a blog post about organic skin care.

My friends have been there the whole time exploring trends and ideas with me and helping me to grow in all areas of my life.  They come to me for decorating advice of course, but also because I am loyal to the products and brands that I love.  This is why I can't wait to share my favorite things each week.  It's like talking to my friends.

Here's some links that I've been obssessing over this past week, once again, in no particular order:

So, I was introduced to these sneakers by my friend Wesmore of the Defending Champs blog.  I had been looking at them for some time, but was finally persuded to get them after seeing him rock them on instagram.

Unlike my shoes, I don't change my nail color as frequently or as much as I probably should. Mainly because I can't move on from this color by Essie. It's been the perfect color to carry me through the holidays and into spring with little maintance.

I'm also having a love affair with this mascara.  I've entertained the idea of trying others, but this one has stolen the show! 

Speaking of loves I can't get over.  I'm a Gucci girl at heart. It's a brand that best represents my personality.  Now, my boyfriend is a Raplh Lauren, Hugo Boss, understated luxury kind of guy, but not me! I love the glamour, even when it's just a little tassel on a little bag.

I try and keep the same enthusiasm when it comes to my work it resolutions.  We're now 8 weeks into the new year and if you are like me you've finally gotten into your workout groove.  If you've fallen off or need a little pick-me-up, try these capris by Nike.

In terms of design, I'm preparing for High Point Market and have started to receive catalogues from various showrooms. I am super excited to visit this showroom and order furnishings for my clients.

Finally, this week, I've been looking at vans for my design business. I love the city van by Chevy and hope to have one wrapped with my logo in a few months!