Welcome to 2015 and Pinkeggshell 2.0


Welcome to 2015! And welcome to our newly designed Pinkeggshell site. As we move into a new year we’ve decided to step things up and enhance the way we interact with you—our readers.  In addition to continuing to produce fresh interior design content and keeping you in the know about what’s going on in the design community, we're taking you back to school and giving you detailed plans designed to help you plan, organize, and execute your own decorating projects.

Our theme this year is completion.  We are here to help you get it done!  We want to get you thinking and executing your home projects just like a designer would.  And as you complete projects and try out new ideas, we want you to share your successes with us so we can share them with other readers.  You never know, your project might just inspire someone else to paint a wall or try a weekend update. You can always reach me at Pinkeggshell@icloud.com or by submitting a question or project via our submissions page below.

We’re not stopping with the home. Pinkeggshell aims to inspire our readers to venture outside of their homes as well. Later on in the year we’ll be featuring our traveling inspirations and much more lifestyle content.  Stay tuned! We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. 

5 Reasons You'll Love Pinkeggshell 2.0

1. Our sleek new design makes navigating the site extremely easy. The site adjusts to your device so that the same user-friendly  experience is accessible on your desktop, tablet and smart phone.

2. Monthly Giveaways! We will have monthly giveaways that accompany our decorating tips so winners can actually use the items we  rave about in our posts.

3. More Reader Interactions

More reader interaction with home features and DIY projects; Readers can now share the projects they are working on and detailed "Where to Buy" guides.

4. Evergreen Content

We understand that homeowners are entering the decorating process at different times and will be providing evergreen decorating content under our "How To" tab.  

5. Extensive Event Photo Gallery

We get invited to so many industry events and we're excited to share the fun with you our readers.