10 Instagram Accounts that WOW!

The following Instagram accounts are some of our favorites to follow. These guys are always sharing stunning images and revenant design advice.   From fashion and Interior designers to my favorite editors and trendsetters, these are the  people and brands we think you should be following on the gram.


Isoul Harris


"UPTOWN Editor-in-Cheif, Cosby Kid. Globtrotter. Author, Culture Obsessor"

Isoul is the editor-in-chief of Uptown Magazine.  As the EIC, he attends some amazing events and gets to meet all kinds of cool people, but that's not why he made my list.  Isoul is an avid traveler and takes the most interesting images of his escapades.  I feel inspired to travel every time I see him in a village in Africa or at a party in some exclusive part of Europe.  Follow him, then sit back and enjoy the ride.



"The World's premier online luxury fashion retailer"

Net-A- Poter reminds me daily why I should be in the gym.  Fly Fashion!!! I'm in a transitional period in my life. This happens for me every five years or so.  During this time I reevaluate every thing for my job to my underwear. It’s all a part of the process of me becoming the woman I am destined to be.

"I've seen the future and I'm not wearing sweatpants!"

Pop Sugar Home


"The guide to real girl decor"

I've been a huge fan of Pop Sugar Home since meeting now Associate Editor Angela Elias at Blogfest 2011.  I love their feed because it has easy updates anyone can apply to their home. As an added bonus, it also allows me to see new products that are coming down the pipeline. 

Michel Boyd


Following Michel is something rare because you get to see a career develop right before your eyes. He has a new rug line and is in the development phase of a furniture line. Michel is known for his impeccable person style and his luxurious interior spaces. His feed is full of everyday luxuries that leave you wanting more. If you're in Atlanta follow Michel for great places to eat, see and be seen!



Love this brand! Where to start? Their fabric collections and collaborations are some of the best in the business. Hands Down! Designers like Thom Filicia, Kelly Wearstler, Sara Richardson, Johnthan Adler and Candice Olsen all have lines with the brand. Kravet is such an innovative company in so many ways.  They have a marketing rock star in Beth Greene and a jewel of a social media maven in Jennifer Powell.  Great company, great family! Be on the look out for their new collaboration with Diane Von Furstenberg in showrooms this fall.

Bjork Studio


Seriously smitten by Bjork. They encourage you to see the beauty in the individual pieces of furniture that make up your home.  Bjork post amazing images of the furniture pieces they are working on and even without seeing the completed space, you know it's going to be something special.  Love the antiques that make their way into the feed as well.  You'll examine all the furniture in your home a little closer once you see just what great upholstery looks like.

The Coveteur


"Behind the Scenes and Beyond"

I love them so much that I created a Pintrest board to save some of my favorite spaces. (Don't Judge!)  It's a cool more girly version of the Selby.  It's that perfect marriage of fashion and interior design.  Love. Love. Love!

Luxe Magazine


Some of the best interior images on the web. Period.

Malene B Carpets


“Designer, Pathfinder, wanderlust. Your guide to global style, boldly lived.”

Come for the carpets, stay for the business advice.  Following Malene B is like watching a company develop with every post.  You get to see not only the process of creating her celebrated carpet line, but how she is building a power house by learning from some of the best Entrepreneurs in the business.  Love following her journey!

Robert Allen Design


What makes this feed special is the person behind the posts.  He has managed to take something that would normally be boring for a lot of people and make it very interesting.  There is a great mix of real life and product promotions.  

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?  Leave them in the comment section below. I'd love to check them out!


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