Mr. Steam is on a Mission to Make You Feel Good!

Our crew was just off a whirlwind tour of New York, when Mr. Steam, "the feel good specialist" invited us to a spa day at Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeca. As an avid spa patron, I was over the moon with the idea of spending a relaxing Sunday morning at the award winning bathhouse.

Aire Ancient Baths has taken the Roman bathing tradition and created a visually stimulating and physically satisfying spa experience.  I was in love with the space from the moment we arrived. The ambience was so tranquil, yes, but it was the exposed brick walls and large columns that made the space so special.

I was amazed at how seamlessly the pools fit into the existing architecture.  If you are ever in New York, you have to try it. It's a beautiful experience that you'll never forget. 

I loved the salt bath for the way it made my skin feel.   I could have stayed in the hot bath for days. I mean who wouldn't love a hot bath. But it was the steam room that was my favorite part of the visit.

I waited for everyone to leave the steam room and used the time to bend and stretch and relax my muscles.  Even when I left to enjoy other aspects of the bathhouse,

I found myself going back to the steamroom time and time again.

Mr. Steam sponsored this part of Blogtour NYC.

And I believe they knew just how spectacular the steam room was there before booking the secessions for us.  It makes perfect sense. I’m thankful that the company, who specializes in making its clients feel good, would want to share the good feelings with us.

We met the Mr. StreamVP of sales and marketing Martha Orellana at ICFF. She was gracious enough to give us an overview of the company and share their advances in steam technology.

I’m a huge fan of steam showers, having installed several in the homes of past clients.  I often recommend them to the professional athletes I work with who after a along day can sit in the steam shower and relax their muscles and their minds.

I was all ears at the presentation because the steam showers I’ve installed in the past pale in comparison to the showers being offered by Mr. Steam In addition to the advances in technology, Mr. Steam has taken the experience even further by adding aromatherapy to the steam shower options.

My past steam shower installations have not very technical at all.  I remember the most pressing issue being the thickness of the shower glass. I had no idea that there were so many options.  Now that I’ve meet the team at Mr. Steam any future client who desires a steam shower will get one that rivals that of their favorite spa.