The Cool Things I Found at Wanted Design NYC

The cool thing about Wanted DesignNYC  is that it showcases up and coming design talent in a way that encourages growth and rewards exploration.  During BlogtourNYC, we were given a back stage pass to the 2014 show.  We got to check out new designers and got a glimpse of what concepts and ideas were being hashed out for future shows. I love design on this level because it represents raw ideas and emotions.  This is literally the first stage for many products who only a short while ago where an idea in someone's head.  The products featured at Wanted Design NYC are a cool mix of style and function. They go a little further and shine a little brighter than what we have come to expect.

Pinkeggshell for wanted Design

Off the top, I was blown away by the lighting display as we entered the space of this year's show.  The company  Blackbody has found a way to create stunning lighting displays using organic light emitting diodes or OLED for short.  Me either! I had no idea what that was or how it could be used until Wanted Design.  Now, I can think of a million uses for the technology and can't wait to see where installations start to show up. 

Pinkeggshell for wanted DesignPinkeggshell for wanted Design

My next favorite things were the brightly colored reading glasses by See Concept. Reading glasses have been around forever as you know,  but See Concept has taken them a step further and made them a lot more fashionable.  I fell for the pink ones of course but thought the orange were incredibly chic as well.

P.S. Don't you just love the packaging?

Pinkeggshell for wanted Design

As I walked through the show, I found myself obsessing over the shape of things.  Everywhere I looked, designers were playing with shapes and proportions in a way that was new and exciting.  I wanted to pack up and take home the pentagon vessels by Steven Haulenbeek as well as the GEM side tables by Debra Folz Design.  They are both so glamorous and so chic. Love Love Love!

Pinkeggshell for wanted DesignPinkeggshell for wanted Design

My list of things is growing and we are running out of space so I'm going to share one last thing with you and then invite you to check out my Wanted Design Pintrest board. Cool?

The last thing I feel head over heels for were these cardboard light fixtures. Don't they just make you want to say WOW!  I kept thinking "wow, how clever"  as I took in their beauty and examined them more closely. I am always amazed when I see common material like cardboard re-imagined in such useful and beautiful ways.

Look at the detail.  So creative. So fun.  Love these! 

Pinkeggshell for wanted Design

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