Project Update: San Juan Penthouse and Blanco

The thing I love most about BlogtourNYC is being introduced to new brands that I can actually use in my everyday work life.  

For several weeks I’ve been working to finalize the pitch for my client’s kitchen renovation in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She bought her penthouse condo several years ago and we have been renovating it room by room every since.  

In our last episode we renovated her master bathroom.  We totally gutted the space, switched the tub/shower combo for a killer stand alone shower and added custom vanities and fixtures.  

The condo is right on the beach so finding durable materials for the renovation has become my top priority.  It took forever to find the fixtures we used in the bathroom.  Of course I do all I can before boarding the plane to, but inevitably something comes up that requires me to venture out to the local design district.

Now as we set to move into the kitchen, I am happy to have more information and options at my disposal.

So, here's what I'm thinking.   I love two products from Blanco, that I feel will be game changers in this project.  The first is the Alta Compact Faucet.  In my client’s condo, space is a luxury and even though it’s the penthouse, it still has a small footprint.  Everything we put in the kitchen has to be small in size, but big on function.

Alta Faucet by Blanco
Alta Compact Faucet By

The faucet is perfect for so many reason.  For one, it comes in a variety of different colors so finding something that enhances her decor will be easy peasy.

It comes with a ceramic disk cartridge that protects the faucet from drips.  I love this because she travels a lot and it adds an extra level of security.

My favorite feature of the Alta faucet is the solid brass construction a feature that only became important after designer Susan Jamieson shared horror stories about how the salt water was reeking havoc on the fixtures in one of her Mexico beach projects.

The second product is the Blanco One sink.  Intended as a prep sink, this cutting board and sink combo is just the multitasker my client needs.

Blanco One Sink
Blanco One Sink available at
She loves to cook and has all sorts of savvy food prep techniques. She wants her new kitchen to be a place to cut up fresh pineapples and plantains and prepare one of her delicious dinners with out missing a beat.

I was impressed with the movable cutting board because I am an avid juicer.  Being able to cut the tops off my carrots and wash them in one spot sounds like a dream.  The sink is stainless steel which is a must. Trust, me you don’t want to buy anything less.    

Blanco One Sink
Blanco One Prep Sink via
Tomorrow we’re going to explore counter top options.  Stay tuned.