DXV - The Luxurious Side of American Standard

Image: Mary Douglas Drysdale for American Standard

My recent trip to New York for Blog tour NYC was full of design inspiration.  It was the perfect time to see what new ideas were coming down the pipeline and to talk design with fellow bloggers and other industry greats. One of my favorite experiences came at the beginning of the trip when we were invited to a cocktail reception at the new DXV for American Standard showroom.

If you follow my Blogtalk radio show,  you've heard me mention the kitchen and bath projects I have slated for the end of the year.  In fact, requests for kitchens and baths have increased significantly for my firm since the beginning of the year.  This is why I've been on a mission to see what's out there and to collect as many fresh ideas for these spaces as I can.

Mary Douglas Drysdale designed this all white bathroom using items from the new DXV line of luxury bath products. I love this idea. Instead of feeling cold and sterile, I was warm and very inviting. I found myself drawn to several of the pieces she used before actually seeing her space for myself. Seeing the individual pieces used to create such a spectacular bathroom took my breath away.

I keep thinking if it was the bold use of white or the fixtures themselves that I was so excited to see.
The St George Freestanding tub stopped me in my tracks all by itself!  I could instantly image all the long bubble baths I could have.  In my fantasy, there would be someone there refilling my champagne glass and feeding me chocolates of course. But, in reality my daughter would be banging on the door screaming "It's my turn to play with my mermaids in the tub."

DXV the luxurious side of American Standard
St. George Freestanding Tub by DXV

I love that the tub fits both our idea of a perfect bath.

Back in the real world, I've already presented my clients with an idea board featuring the tub and a few other DXV must haves.  It might sound crazy, but I was so drawn to the St. George one piece elongated toilet that I based my entire presentation around it's simple, yet chic lines.

You'll have to check back to see if my designs turns out anything like the inspiration room.  The colors will be different for sure, but the feel will be all luxury!

Designed by Mary Douglas Drysdale
Image: Mary Douglas Drysdale for American Standard