The Darryl Carter Empire

Today's African-American Top 20 Interior Designer feature is D.C. designer Darryl Carter. We know Darryl form his numerous appearances in our favorite shelter magazines such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and House Beautiful. But there's more to Carter than pretty rooms and glossy magazines.  Carter also has the unique distinction of being able to secure endorsements and partnerships with major industry brands like Thomasville furniture and Benjamin Moore Paints.

His furniture line with Thomasville furniture and paint collection with Benjamin Moore  puts Carter in an elite group of designers of any color.   With those partnerships he joins the ranks of the industry's most celebrated and sought after design talent such as Alexa Hampton, Jamie Drake, Celerie Kemble and Vicente Wolf.

Carter is a veteran interior designer who has enjoyed success by following his own path and ad hearing to his own sense of style. Today, as we take a look at the many contributions blacks are making to the interior design field, we celebrate the work and products of Darryl Carter.

The Books

The Collaborations

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Darryl Carter on Color [Video Series] with Benjamin Moore paints.  Hosted by Sanu Matthew of the blog living in color with Sanu.