Erin Shakoor- " I see it all as Art!"

Erin Shakoor
Image Shakoor Interiors
Imagine having the freedom to exist with no restraints on your passion or creativity.  Now imagine you're given task that challenge you and allow you to stretch and grow in ways you never dreamed possible.  Imagine making something that not only gives joy but is nurturing to the soul. Now imagine being able to push not only your limits, but those of everyone around you. Now, throw in the ability to create in this way every day of your life  and  you'll have Erin Shakoor's Life. 
This is Erin Shakoor's world.  She sees it all as art. Interior design for her is no different than a song, a novel,  or a poem. 

erin shakoor
Image Shakoor Interiors

I interviewed Erin for our series on African American Interior Designers and was taken in by the Zen-ness of her thoughts and process.  I started with some pre selected questions, but quickly tossed those aside opting to 'go with the flow' instead.  I couldn't cover everything we discussed in this post, so be sure to register for the #AATOP20 May 9th events.  Erin will be there and would love to meet you.

PE:  Erin, please tell our readers a little bit about your business and how you got started.
ES:  Yes, I started out as a visual artist before becoming an interior designer.  My perspective is unique in that I approach projects from an artistic viewpoint. 

PE:  You mean, a creative perspective?
ES:  No, more from a craft person's perspective.  We are crafting environments much like a carpenter would make cabinets.  I'm drawn to the process. I love building things for the environments that I design.  Sometimes that's custom furniture; other times it's a custom wall treatment. I get my hands dirty by crafting many of those things myself.

PE: Wow! I like the idea of that.  I believe that when you make something you leave a little of your soul with it. So, tell me, where do you find inspiration?
ES:  In travel.  I love to see how other people live around the world.  I love all of it, the bright colors of the islands, to the clay floors of African huts and the ornate surfaces and textures of European architecture.   It all teaches me something and feeds a part of my soul.  

PE: Traveling is a huge part of my life as well.  I can't say that I've looked at it from your perspective though.
ES: Oh yea. I love all of it from how they set their tables, to how they use art and design in everyday applications- I take in all in.

PE: What does a successful interior design career look like for you?
ES: For me it would look something like this.  A design firm with a very diverse clientele. A product line, again because I'm a maker. A high end product line that leans more towards bespoke offering than mass-produced items.  And definitely a firm with a charity component.  That would be success to me.

PE:  Complete this sentence.  I could spend all day...
ES:  Creating space plans for people.  That, or making cocktails.

PE:  Finally, what is your fantasy project?
ES: I would love to design the green room at an award show. I love the glamour of it all.