Catching Up With Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors

Later in the week I will be posting a recap of my 7 day trip to Atlanta. It was full from beginning to end with meetings, design events and late night dinners. One of the highlights of the trip was an impromptu meeting with Michel Boyd at his loft. 
Michel Boyd

I stopped by to see the space he has graciously donated for the blogger loft party we will be hosting during the African American Top 20 event in the spring. 
You are going to love it!  He is always updating and you never know what to expect when you walk into the space.

Michel has been really busy. There were fabric samples everywhere and framed magazine articles lying up against the wall that he, as he put it "I just haven't had time to hang."

Feature on Michel from the Atlantan Magazine

From the looks of things Michel is settling quite nicely into his sweet spot as a designer. 
 He has a calm about him that could come across as shyness if you didn't know him. 
It's funny to think of a man with that much style and talent as being shy, but I think he is. 

When I met Michel several years ago, he struggled with what and how to share things on social media.  I was more than impressed and proud to see that he has started blogging on Tumblr and that he has established a Google+ page.

Follow Michel on Tumblr here
The blog is full of visual stimulation and I know you will love that,  but it is what he plans to do with his Google+ page. that I find the most interesting. He just landed a huge design project and he plans to use his Google+ page to let his followers in on the process from start to finish.  He said this move was inspired by a speaking engagement he has later in the month at a Maryland university.  He's doing it as a way to give back to the students. They will be able to interact with him, ask questions, leave comments, or just follow along.
Super cool right?

Michel has jumped into social media with both feet. He allowed me to preview a bio/ video about his life which he had just released a few days prior.  I thought it was both creative and insightful. 

I hope you've enjoyed catching up with Michel as much as I have.
(He's everywhere these days.)
I'll be bringing you updates from designers on the African American Top 20 Interior Designers list  every month leading up to our March event.  Please leave a comment below and let me know who you'd like to catch up with next.