6 Components of the Perfect Summer Bed

Image: Peacock Alley 

It's the first day of summer and I'm already looking for ways to stay cool in this Mississippi heat. I'm in Oxford for the first time since high school and I have to admit, I've missed some of the southern charm that I grew up with.  Southern households have a rhythm.  There is something to be done each season to remind you that life is to be lived a little bit differently depending on the time of year.

I  almost forgot how things go around here until I  arrived at my mother's house and found her changing out all the beds for the summer.  I've mentioned in previous blog posts how I got my love of linens from my mother. She likes to joke about cheap sheets, let her tell it, they can ruin a marriage or catch your toe nails, both somehow equally as bad.  We both prefer white linens. She often use beige but not me. I not a fan of beige sheets or towels. I prefer stark white or tons of color.  Nothing in between.

My mother prefers bedspreads while I tend to lean more towards duvets. We both started out in our twenties ironing our sheets and both quit about the time we had kids.  

You don't have to be as obsessive as we are to master the art of making the bed.  Just make sure you have these 6 key components.

Image: Peacock Alley/ Soprano Bed Skirt

1. Every great bed starts with a bed skirt or box spring cover. We both prefer bed skirts.  I like a simple pleated skirt that can work with many different types of bedding.  Box spring covers work well in more  modern spaces.

2. Add a mattress cover.  A great mattress cover will help your sheets lay more precisely.

Image: Peacock Alley Calypso Collection Sheets

3. Use great sheets.  I love a crisp percale for the summer. I also love how they get softer every time you wash them. Don't you just love the scalloped detail of the Calypso collection?  Any of these colors will do.

GiGi Blanket Image: Peacock Alley

 4. For the summer, choose a bedspread or light weight blanket over a duvet or down comforter.  I know there are light weight comforters made for the summer, but we prefer a simple bedspread like this one for steamy summer nights.

Image: Peacock Alley Gigi Shams

5. Have fun with your pillow shams.You can have  them monogrammed, which is quite common around here or use them to add pattern and texture to your bed.  I fell in love with the simplicity of these because they will never go out of style.

6. Finally, be sure to keep a light weight blanket near your bed.  I prefer to have one folded at the foot of the bed just in case.

I hope this helps. You can find more information about all things bedding by visiting the Peacock Alley web site or by subscribing to thePeacock Alley You Tube Channel.

*This is not a sponsored post. My mother, sisters and I all use Peacock Alley products.*