High Point Market, I Need A Do Over!

I need a do over because I had so much fun visiting showrooms, attending lectures and hanging with my design + blogging friends that I didn't get all my work done.  High Point Market was  so jam packed with activities, that it became challenging to break away and do anything else. I tried.  I really did.  But I just kept getting distracted.  (Thank God for the Internet!)  I did manage to get lots done for my male clients.  You can check out some of those finds here. 

I'm definitely planning to stay longer next time and better organize my time. So given my epic fail at Market, I'm forced to leave you with the few things that did make it back on my iPhone. The first being these items for my male clients and the second some pretty amazing mirrors.

Mirror Image Home Showroom at High Point

It's funny, I couldn't find the chest that my client wanted or the perfect place to source things for a beach house, but I knew exactly where to find a great mirror. My first assistant ever in life said sarcastically, "You use too many mirrors."  What did she know?  How can you not love a great mirror?  Especially one that makes a powerful statement!  Framed or unframed, they have the magical ability to make even the tiniest space special.

Vignette at Emporium Home featuring the "Bethany" Mirror and "Luck Be a Lady" Lamp


Mirrors of various sizes and shapes at Mirror Image Home

I love mixing smaller mirrors in with other items to create an arrangement over an entry table or chest.

Another gem of a mirror from Emporium Home

This is one of my favorite mirrors from the show.  It screams GLAMOUR!  It rocks next to the "Luck Be a Lady" lamp, this time in jade.

Mirrors from the Bunny Williams Line for Mirror Image Home

This Blue Sapphire mirror is by Bunny Williams Home for Mirror Image Home. I went ahead and sourced it for you because I know you are going to want to own it!  You can pick it up here.  The other mirrors featured here are in the Bunny Williams collection also.  She loves a great mirror as much as I do.