My Dream Home Experience -Curacao

I just returned from a six day trip to the Island of Curacao. Located in the Caribbean, this colorful island is a true gem.  The trip was amazing!  A designer's dream. During the day, we worked with our host and interior designer, Nadin Bento talking global design and creating spaces for her "Update My Space Dream Home 2013 Experience" show house and TV show and during the evenings we dined  on 4 course meals, catered by celebrity chefs, even a food network favorite or two. It was all just divine!

I am not one of those people who take things like this for granted. This opportunity was a true blessing.  From the beginning I was drawn to Nadin. It was very ambitious of her to attempt such an event. She and I worked on the interior design aspect which was crazy and ever changing. I had no idea of the magnitude of the project, until I got to the Island, to learn that she was also coordinating chefs from several countries, local and internationally media and countless sponsors on the Island.  I appreciated being apart of something bigge than myself and I'm glad she reached out. 

More fun with the chefs. Images here.

"Update My Space" is a local decorating show that is shown through out the Caribbean, the Dutch Antilles and Holland.  The shows host and producer Nadin Benito was the sole designer for the luxury estate at the center of our trip.  She worked on one of the penthouses at "Residence Le Blue"-at the Blue Bay Resort, room by room until it was perfect. Assuring that it represented the future of luxury design on the island. 

Image of space designed by Joy Moyler for the "Show house experience"

One of the highlights of the trip for me was our visits and design workshops held at The Building Depot.  Again, I could not have imagined the preparation that was made on our behalf.  The people of Curacao showed up in droves to view the spaces we designed for the Building Depot and to attend our decorating seminars.  They came with drawings and pictures of their homes and we answered questions well into the night. In the end, I felt that they really appreciated our being there and know that I've made friendships that will last a lifetime. 

View additional images of the events at the Building Depot here

Between visits to the Building Depot and Dinners in the evenings,  we were escorted on breath-taking tours around the Island. You can find pictures here of the beautiful architecture and colorful abodes. There is no way for you to understand the magnitude of the beauty of this place unless you go. 

View additional images from the Island of Curacao here

Speaking of going. Before I go, I want to send a few shout outs.  I'd like to thank Cedrick and Nana Sprock of Cafe Barista for hosting us for our lunch on Good Friday and also the  Easter Brunch. I would also like to thanks Roderick Lucia  and the team at the Building Depot for all your support and hard work.  Also the tour drivers of Wild Curacao and Fun Bini, TDS, the local food center at the Plasa- Gracia di Dios", the Curacao Aloe and of course the team who worked with Nadin.  And last, but not least, Nadin Benito from "Update My Space" for persevering during this 1 year of preparation, without giving up on her dreams. 

Until next time...

{All Images taken with my Iphone. See more here}