Blogfest2013 and Design Bloggers Conference, Welcome Party at H.D. Buttercup LA

I was out last week because I was attending the Design Blogger conference in L.A. The conference was a lot of fun and just like in blog conferences past, I struggled  with how to share all the cool stuff that I learned with you.

I was happy the conference was in L.A. because I could finally go to LA and focus exclusively on design.  With the beach and shops and restaueants, L.A. always seems like vacation.

Our first event was at H.D. Buttercup L.A. I was all smiles as I boarded the bus and saw so many blogging friends.  it's always good to put a face with a twitter handle.

Here's a little secret, those two ladies right her in front of me, I did not know, but were so warm and open to me.  We sat together and ate together. They were my constant companions on the trip. Thanks Ruthie and Jennifer for everything.

As mentioned before our first event was at the uber chic H.D. Butter cup. The store is a cool collection of vendors and brands selected to instantly cool your living space. I feel in love with the rug department and the art department. Here's an image of the rug department from the H.D. Buttercup website.

Maybe I was drawn to these two departments because both provide great jumping off points for a room's decor.  Pull colors from the rug or from the art and the room will come together in no time.

I especially enjoyed the screen  printing demonstration that yielded this piece of art for my nephew's  nursery. Cool huh?  If you follow me on Vine, you can see the actual piece being created.

Of course there were party pictures of the attendees. I have none! I was socializing! But you can find a glimpse into the affair here on FOCUS the H.D. Buttercup Blog.  Enjoy! Stay tuned for part two.

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